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Logan Morris
Logan Morris

Mrs. Serial Killer In Hindi Torrent

Big news! Apex predators hunt their food! There were a few moments of sensibility but all in all far too much reliance on age old tropes and fear mongering.The science and scientists featured in this 'documentary' appear pretty sketchy. I've never seen a shark tagged like that elsewhere, I hope it's not as cruel as it looked. Maybe it's because the host is such a cheesy dudebro and the dialogue all sounds scripted. At one point the host reads an article saying that great whites are just like serial killers. It's true that researchers have used the same geographic profiling used in criminology to also study predators in the animal kingdom, but it seems ridiculous to hunt down a great white in order to get revenge. Particularly when humans kill (on ave) 100 million sharks per year, whilst in 2021 there were only 73 unprovoked attacks.Seems like we're the serial killers tbh.

Mrs. Serial Killer in hindi torrent



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