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Infernax PC Game Free VERIFIED Download

the more you play, the more the diverse enemies come at you. this variety is perhaps the other positive thing about infernax. if you run into a tank, that's it, you're done. if you run into some weird thing with a spider face on it and a bunch of tentacles that shoot fire out of its head, that's it, you're done. there's no way around it. infernax really plays like this.

Infernax PC Game Free Download

eschewing platform games in favor of what they see as more interesting shooter designs, they've come up with a title that's more about exploration than action. that means that infernax is a lot more about the atmosphere and experience than the fast-paced action of the genre. you're searching for signs of the supernatural in the dusty backwoods of a strange land. you eventually stumble upon ancient instruments that allow you to unleash dark forces. these forces, all 90 levels long, are ineluctable.

the developers have taken great care to wrap the game in a thick atmosphere. the muted, flickering displays lighten up at a few turns, revealing a flurry of enemy after another. instead of making monsters appear from the side of the screen, most enemies are stationary and you must approach to attack. you can even attack in the air and while hanging from a pole and engage in some new challenges.

infernax is very challenging, but the difficulty curve is one of the things that first got players hooked on infernax's acclaimed predecessor, berzerk. the game's "day" clock is also ticking, as you must successfully escape from each hour before the next turns into the enemy-saturated night, a scenario that parallels our own lives. if you die, it's game over, and you'll have to start from the beginning. if that doesn't sound like a fun way to play a game, i don't know what is.

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