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If your plugin contains "Keywords" then you may need to rename your file to the supported way. A non-working plugins file may cause SketchUp to be unable to recognize the plugins parameters. In such cases, you should to rename your file. To find a plugin file to rename, start SketchUp, and choose Edit > Plugins > Available Plugins. Under the Plugin Details box, you will see your file name. Choose File > Save to rename the file.

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sketchup supports working in "2D " or "3D" mode. To toggle through the 2D and 3D view, press and hold CTRL and then select 2D or 3D in the View drop-down menu (to toggle between a two- and three-dimensional view). If you're not in 2D or 3D mode but want to switch between the two, just press ALT to switch. You can switch back and forth between the two using the CTRL+T/ALT+Z key combo. Clicking once will switch you to the 3D view, and clicking twice or more will switch you back to the 2D view.

The next plugin that I wanted to show is Naming Names - Wrote by Dmitry Poligubko. This plugin helps you in named layers and subdivision numbers. As you know layers are always read-only, but this plugin creates two layers that you can give a name, which also makes it possible to access their layers in a material with Mesh > Display Nodes. You can subdivide a mesh in the mesh tool and check, that the subdivision number is greater than 2. (If you have only standard meshes you can change the subdivide level property or use the option Miscellaneous > Custom Mesh to change the subdivide level, which in turn changes the support and look of the mesh). You can even increase the subdivision level on any of the previously subdivided meshes. You can read more in detail on the SketchUp Support website.


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