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Setupconsumerc2rolw.exe Deutsch Download

Microsoft Starter 2010 works with a virtualization technology like V-App. It does not really install Office on your computer, but a virtualized office (like Office in a virtual machine).To do this it creates a drive Q: which is not user accessable . If you are using drive Q: already, Office 2010 Starter won't work.Office 2010 Starter could be installed using a setup (SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe) which downloaded the installation files from internet.Sometime around 2012, Microsoft pulled the plug, so the installation files couldn't be downloaded anymore.

Setupconsumerc2rolw.exe Deutsch Download


I found out that if the installation files are available locally, the setup won't need internet during the installation.However the setup does not keep the files after installation, so I had to figure out how to get the installation files together locally.Monitoring the installation I got some partial information how to download all the installation files needed.

This information was used to create the Office 2010 Starter downloader v1.0.Be ware, this script works as is. Not a lot of error checking has been put in place. E.g. I do not check for downlad errors, but every language folder should be about 700 - 900 MB.

Although this Starter edition is free from Microsoft but its not available for download from Microsoft. Starter edition is only available for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and comes pre-installed in new Windows PCs only.

PS: You can replace the locale string en-us in the above URL with your own locale string like fr-fr for French, de-de for German, es-es for Spanish and so on to download your localized version.

Replace en-us in the URL with own locale string like fr-fr for French, de-de for German, es-es for Spanish and so on to download your localized version.

The above download link will download a 1.6 MB installer which will then download the rest of the files from the Internet. Since the download is huge (over 600 MB), you might like to keep an offline version of the installer so that you can install it on a computer that is not connected to the Internet.

German blogger Caschy has published a batch file that downloads the entire setup package from Microsoft servers. Download the batch file and execute it by double-clicking on it and it will download the full package to your hard disk.

I canceled the download after a few seconds as I only wanted to see if the batch file was working. It was working alright and I could see a partially downloaded installer on my disk. Were you able to begin the download?

Update: The installer in the above direct download links is an online installer which will download the actual setup after it is installed in the system. If you want to download the whole Office Starter 2010 offline, you can do so by using this script. Just unzip the file and edit download.cmd file. Change the language string to whatever language you want to download. After editing and saving, run wget.exe. This will download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 for offline usage.Download Office Starter 2010 offline scriptUpdate: Unfortunately the Office 2010 Starter edition download has been restricted by Microsoft and the links given above are not working. We are looking for new updated links. If you find one, please leave us a comment.Update: Now you can download Microsoft Office 2010 from direct download links in all languages and use the trial full version instead of the starter version.

Ich hatte mal einen Link gefunden wo ich Microsoft Office 2007 kostenlos Vollversion downloaden konnte. Jedoch weiß ich nicht mehr von wo. Kennt ihr vll eine Seite oder habt es selber und könnt es mir schicken?


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