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[S10E21] Last Chance

At the Luthor Mansion, Tess is reviewing plans for the mansion's rebuilding when she is confronted by Granny Goodness. Granny offers her one final chance to join Darkseid's forces, so that her soul could be spared during the coming destruction. Granny explains that the coming Apokolips has been called many names in the past; Hades being one of them, hell being another. She tells Tess that even Lucifer, the one everyone says watches over hell, even means light bringer. Tess adamantly refuses the offer, declaring that just because she was born into darkness, her fate is not sealed. As Granny leaves, Tess asks when the apocalypse that she's talking about is beginning. Granny replies that it has already begun.

[S10E21] Last Chance

Dr. Russell is about to cut open Frankie's chest. Arizona and Alex are with him in the OR. Before he can cut, Cristina comes in and says she got it from here. Russell is surprised to see her and proposes to do the surgery so she can take a load off, as she must be tired. Cristina replies she's been on Frankie's case since the very beginning, so she will do it. "Tough loss last night, Yang. Must've stung. Better luck next time," Russell says before he leaves. Cristina tells the others it was an honor just to be nominated. Alex, Arizona, Shane, and Leah silently look at her as she starts cutting.

Alex and Arizona are on a plane together. She starts talking about the last time they were on a plane together, the first time they met. Alex cuts her off and tells her that he knows she only brought him on the plane to talk him out of taking the job at the private practice. He tells her to say what she has to say so they can get it over with. She keeps on talking about the first time they met. He interrupts her and says he knows she thinks he's choosing money over substance and that it's a waste of his talent. He assures her that he thought it through and points out that he already stayed in Seattle once for her. He has to start thinking about what he wants and he says he deserves this job.

In the OR, Shane tells Leah to throw the stitch as she's on the right side of the table. Through the speakerphone, Cristina warns her that she only has one chance, or else she could rip through the aorta, which is essential to connecting the new heart when it arrives. Leah wants Shane to throw the stitch, as she's only placed it on a bowel before. Shane can't do it, as he's on the wrong side of the table and he assures her she can do it.

Sabine asks Cristina to repeat something. Cristina explains that Dr. Robbins is on her way with a new heart for Frankie, but Ivy's deterioration has caused her to shoot up to the top of the transplant list. Ivy happens to be a perfect match for the heart en route as well, so the heart could be redirected to her under the circumstances. Medically speaking, Frankie's condition is declining rapidly. Technically, Ivy is more stable, which would give the heart a better chance of surviving. The parents question if they shouldn't give the heart to their child who's doing worst, but they realize it might be a waste. They can't decide which one of their children gets a child and which one doesn't. Cristina says Frankie can be fitted with a artificial heart for now. The parents can't choose, so they tell her that she should decide. They won't pick between two of their three amazing children. Cristina has to decide.

Owen finds Cristina in the shower of an attending lounge. She's still wearing her scrubs and OR gown. He tells her the McNeils are very sick kids and any of them would be looking at a death sentence without her. She knows she made the right call, he doesn't have to tell her that. It was an impossible decision and she stands by it. She did everything exactly as she was supposed to and she did it perfectly. He asks her what is wrong. "What's the point, Owen? What's the point of anything?" she asks. He then tells her she won the Harper Avery. She got the most votes, Richard just told him. The politics screwed her and the Foundation's relationship with the hospital, they used her. She never stood a chance. She gets out of the shower and gives him her wet scrub cap.

Sam agrees that they should investigate the case the next day. That night, he sneaks out to meet Charlie and plead for her help in decoding the Codex. He confesses that he didn't destroy the Book of the Damned because he sees it as their only remaining chance to save Dean. Charlie agrees, although she is reluctant to do so behind Dean's back and to work alongside Rowena. Sam takes Charlie to where Rowena is working and has Castiel come to watch over them. Castiel advises Sam that not telling Dean what they are doing is a bad idea, but Sam insists Dean has given up, that he would try to talk Sam out of doing this, and that this is the only way to save him.

The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves. I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world. Hey everyone welcome to another episode of dateable a show all about modern dating, but so much more than just modern dating in the ten seasons that we've been doing this show. We realized that we talk about everything that is modern dating, but also just the reasons behind why people do the things they do right Julie. It's so much more than just dating stories. Yeah, and why like modern dating is forever changing how we do? Do relationships which will be going into a lot more on this season finale that we have for you all about just how this equates to the long-term. That's right. You heard that right? This is the season finale for our ten season. I still can't believe it. Our guest today came to us through multiple sources. I feel like many people shared has articles about shitty husbands. You probably know who I'm talking about if not. Obviously hear the entire interview, but it just brings back the quote that we been saying since season one which is, we're all each other's consequences and this current time in everything. We're going through right. Now I really hope that we can take that to heart with Cova. We're all each other's consequences to enjoy I. Don't know if I fully express. How disappointed I was this week because I was supposed to go down to L.. L. A. to visit my parents. Something happened where someone who I- been in contact with was also in contact with someone who tested positive, so as a result, we all had to not leave and not travel and basically quarantine for fourteen days, and it's unfortunate because I wish like this is a person who's always said. You don't understand why people don't wear masks. People should really take care and be safe yet. She's out there. Mingling and chatting it up and hang out with people without a mask on a for some reason, people just don't think a fucking applies to them, but again we're all each other's consequences, and because of this, it's such a domino effect, because now there's four of us who are no longer able to travel and see our loved ones. Yeah I remember when you told me that. That I'm just like this makes. It's so freaking real like how this really is that quote? We are all each other consequences like the fact that in theory like if this hadn't been caught right like if you caught it, and then you had had with me or someone else or your boyfriend like that person that we have no connection to whatsoever is the cause of this. I'm not saying it's that person's fault. It's just the way the virus works, but it really does show how interconnected we all are, and like how much everyone's actions really affect how we get out of this thing, and do people not see the numbers? We hit a record high this week. That is really fucking scary. Why are people still out and about acting like nothing's happening acting like? Oh, it's back to normal life. It's not stay home people I. Know It's really tough like I mean. Some states have reinstated. Stay at home order. I think is backed in quarantine. Right but I admit like I went to a friend's birthday this weekend at the beach, and like we definitely were all wearing masks and like trying to stay like relatively far away, but it's just hard. It's little things that you just forget as you're with people like there are some people in the fruit I haven't seen for a while given everything that's happening in my first instinct was to like with a hug. Wait. No, I, can't I don't. Know it's so strong. It's yeah, it is very hard and agree with you though it's like we're not our the woods on this you all know and I do also want to encourage anybody who is a going to see someone, or who's just curious to get tested I went to get tested last week actually twice because of this. It's not as scary as you think. We used to think that they prod your brain, and then you feel like you're drowning. It's not that anymore. They've totally changed. It's a just a short Q. Tip. It's basically like someone taking your nose from the inside. They swap both of your nostrils in your in and out in like ten seconds. It's not scary, so go get. Even if you have just a little bit of suspicion that you may have it, yeah, I mean when you said that to me. It definitely made me feel a lot more confident to go get tested I. Admit like I was debating after the protests and I was Kinda scared. Because I've heard just like how bad it was, so my the way I netted out is like.

Like okay I'm not gonNA. See anyone for a couple of days in see if any symptoms come on, then I'll go get tested in, didn't so I didn't but I think knowing your situation and that it really wasn't so bad and a friend of ours that was at a birthday party I was at two that she got tested in similar to you. JUST IT WASN'T A. A big deal at all zone either she mentioned like you just have to check a box. You have one symptom and you can get tested, so she's like everyone has a headache. You know right exactly. That's what I checked too, and it's just I. Don't know it's a tricky situation, too. Because there's also such a thing as getting tested too early, so you're supposed to get. Get tested five days after the first contact and then twelve days after the first contact. You're supposed to get get tested twice. So this is where my frustration lies. Is that because of this one incident I've reset my clock. Now I have to get tested again in a few more days is just really fucking annoying anyway. It drives me crazy that people really treat cova. It some people believe in some people don't or some people just think it's the Easter bunny like no just made it up. You know it's like a little kid story. Not It's real and it's killing people yeah, so I had a big week this week. I went to the dentist. It's because dentists is hot. But I did I told you that was like fight. Dentists was really attractive, and he's really fun I think he's single. Look into dating him, and then I started looking up online. I'm like he's definitely Eh. Sense I, say you a photo and she's like Yeah bike. Gaidar is terrible. Terrible. Burns. He's still attractive guy in the like jettas super sweet to like I was like so excited to see them I like. Them but again refrained myself. I've never been this excited, but I was thinking about why thought about this I was thinking about getting tested? Because you mentioned you got tested where my dentist is, but then I'm like wait. This wouldn't actually do anything. Today like I need to give it the time, but I was a little bump today I gotTa. Admit like I feel like usually like the pride parade is something were to every year and today. When we record this Sunday, the episode goes out on Tuesday seacrest by here a little bit of a lag between what's happening real time, but we try to keep it as close as possible to. Give give you guys the day by day. What's happening? But yeah, just thinking about pride today like this is normally the Sunday parade in San, Francisco, like it's in different cities on different days, but it's all in June and yeah, just a little teary, I pulled up an old photo of you and I from fried from like twenty seventeen so I. Remember that photo if you've been following us on instagram. Julie pulled up this photo. And what makes it so memorable? Is that I just got Mojo over I had just gotten him like the week. Week before or something, he was really scared of people and it was like. Hey, let's take you to a pride parade with thousands of people, but yes, I agree there's just like for for us at work. We did a virtual pride parade, but it's not the same because you still want the atmosphere that energy like is just not the same over zoom or facebook live so I get it. It's like I think this week has really set in for me that the rest of twenty twenty might just look like this. I don't I've already accepted that. Definitely already accepted that, but I did find this quote, and then put up on instagram so and I loved your story that you put up. Yes. That was really way. We're trying to hit it from all angles skies. This quote actually found the reason. Why really liked it? Because it? Also I'm not trying to detract from pride at all, but economy think about like black lives matter to going on there, but the quote is gay. Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution, so instead of wondering why there isn't a straight pride movement. Be Thankful you don't need one and it kind of really hit home for me that it was very similar to what's happening with black lives matter when people say. That's so offensive. It's not saying that lives still matter. It's just saying don't need this, so yeah. I thought there were a lot of interesting parallels between the two, and also just shows how many different marginalized groups are going through their own struggles, and how much we need to celebrate the winds to and I really feel like the last couple months have been really heavy. Everything's just been very much about the weight. Weight of the situation and with pride feels very light hearted, and it feels Selah Tori, so. I think that there's something we can learn here with going forward with any struggles or obstacles that we face is that we learn to celebrate the winds to and not just talk about like the the heavy stuff, which is important. 041b061a72

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